Father and Son Build

Sometimes you just need a break to get fired up again. It wouldn’t be out of the realm of exact when I say that I have had a difficult month with my builds. The Frogfoot and Kfir still need to be finished and I will get to them today or tomorrow. A more important project found its way to my workbench this morning and I am more than excited to be involved with it.

I bought my son two wooden WWI airplane kits for Christmas and in all the mayhem of his other presents, they were stashed away within my multitude of kits. During one of my usual inventory checks, I discovered them and decided to build one with him. Upon opening and going over the parts and instructions, I quickly realized that this was something that I was going to have to build and let him help. For a $3.00 kit, it’s not too bad.

We spent part of the morning building the landing gear assembly as well as the interior and ribbing. We are going to let the glue dry and work on getting the fuselage together. This is certainly going to be tougher than I anticipated. I have been wanting to try a balsa wood kit for a long time so maybe this is my introduction to it.  I want to let my son do as much as he can with the building so he can get a grasp of how the process works. He will most certainly get his first airbrush lesson when it comes time to paint it. There is nothing like integrating your hobby with your son. He already has the love of planes like me. It will be nice to build many kits alongside him soon.

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