Focke Wulf Ta-183 Huckebein

When I started this kit along with the Me-328’s, my goal was to stay busy until I could get the other builds painted. My past experiences with PM Models hasn’t been the most fruitful. I fully expected a harder than normal time. The Ta-184 kit most definitely is not an award winner. It is, however, not a bad build. I enjoyed this one a lot. 

Like I said before, my airbrush botched the paint job. I didn’t want to get any deeper with it so I left it as is and I’m ok with it. The end result could have been much worse. 

10 thoughts on “Focke Wulf Ta-183 Huckebein

  1. I do love those end of war German planes and some of the planned big bombers capable of cross Atlantic flight.. It’s a shame that the designs and technology was on the wrong side. Imagine the 262 (my personal favourite) all shiny alu and nose art.

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  2. Some of these are the most bizarre aircraft ever made yet they are pushing the boundaries of aviation. The Germans were way ahead of the allies what a shame such technology was put to such terrible uses. Another nice and interesting one for the cabinet.

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  3. I’d never seen this particular WWII German jet before. A bit of research showed it never actually flew, but was, post-war, the basis for the Argentinian FMA Pulqui II, and, some experts claim, the inspiration for the MIG-15. When I first saw your model, it made me think of the de Havilland Vampire. Of course, we all know, those brilliant German designers never faced war-crimes trials, but were quietly snapped up by America, Russia, Britain, etc.

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