Messerchmitt Me-328 V1 & V2

The Me-328’s are finished and up on the shelf. I weathered them this morning and finished both off with a coat of clear matte. After they dried, all that was left was to peel the masking off the canopies and position them on their stands.

For a PM Models kit, I was expecting a much harsher time. Pleasantly, I was incorrect. They went together quite well. There were a few minor issues but nothing too hard to handle. It was nice to build the two different options with the V1(short wing) and V2(long wing).

The decals for these two were horrible. As you can tell on the midsection and vertical stabilizer, they are not of high quality. The wing insignias are from my spares. I didn’t have any smaller ones otherwise I would have ditched the stock decals altogether.

Overall I think they turned out well. Not my greatest work but they were fun and easy to work with.

7 thoughts on “Messerchmitt Me-328 V1 & V2

  1. Interesting to see they don’t have swastikas on the tail. Wonder if this was common practice as I’ve not seen that before. As you say the decals are not the best but you’ve made a good job Of them and they go together well. A lovely pair!

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