Little Gains

The snails pace is slightly picking up with the remaining five builds. With the Canuck out of the way, I can focus on the rest of the group. Round two of painting was performed yesterday on all five kits. The final color was applied to the Me-328’s and the Ta-183. The cold struck again on the Ta-183 build. While I was applying the mottling, my airbrush was having trouble at low psi’s causing a spattering to the camouflage. I’ve decided to go with it and be happy as is. The Me-328’s paint came out great. I will apply decals on the trio today and hopefully weather them up tomorrow.

The Frogfoot and Kfir both received a coat of dark tan to start with. I will get back at the airbrush tomorrow to finish the Frogfoot with a camouflage pattern of tan. The Kfir will get a coat of sand tomorrow and then its final color of pale green on Friday.

The pace is gradually getting better as the days go by. This set has taken a lot of time and effort to get through. I feel like I am on the final laps to the finish now.

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