Let’s Try This Again

The workbench has been dormant this week and for good reason. My wife and I were lucky enough to get away to Fennville, MI to stay at The Kingsley House B&B. We had a great time there enjoying the antique shops and small town appeal. I even picked up a vintage, to me, model kit for a steal at $10.00. It is a 1972 Aurora Skycrane. It was a mail-in kit from Parents Magazine. I won’t open this one up. It will adorn a shelf for display purposes.
Now that I am back from my mini vacation, it’s time to face reality and start the rebuilding of the Canuck. The tail section will be the first project to be addressed. I will add some styrene strips on the inside to add more strength for future mishaps. The wings look like they will be able to be reattached without issue. I will give it a good sanding to smooth out all the imperfections and try the Flat Black again. This time I will do a better job of securing the plane. I will insert a dowel rod into one of the exhaust cans. Hopefully that will do the trick.



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