Cold Weather & Plane Crashes

After my torrid pace in January, the model building world is balancing out here in February. It has been quite cold again here so painting the Frogfoot, Canuck, and Kfir has been put on hold. I did try to paint the nose and leading edges of the Canuck with flat black. That proved to be disastrous. I had the plane grasped with an alligator clip on the tail section and upon flipping it to get the underside painted, it dropped. Yep. Dropped. After my heart started beating again, I surveyed the damage. While it’s not a total loss, it isn’t the best of situations. I will need to sand out little dirt nibs that stuck in the wet paint and reattach the wings and tail section. It will need some tlc but it isn’t as bad as it could have been.
While I waited the cold out, I wanted to keep busy. I figured I would start some easier kits to keep going. I dug out three kits from PM Models. New to the workbench is a Focke Wulf Ta-183 Huckebein and two Messerschmitt Me-328’s. The Me-328’s will be built as the V1 and V2 variants. I am a little standoffish with them being PM Models after the Lippisch build last year. So far so good. I have the cockpits finished and the fuselage halves together. They actually look pretty decent. It doesn’t look like they will need to much sanding. They are the perfect time waster until I can get the other three kits painted.




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