Slowly Advancing

The sanding party hasn’t totally concluded but the end is near. The process has been steady and consuming. Fortunately I am over the hump with just a few small areas to fix.
The Frogfoot was the worst of the three by far. I believe I have it under control with just a few areas to correct on the intakes. I put the wings on today so I can fill any gaps while I am fixing the intakes. They actually look pretty decent. I don’t think there will be much to address.
The Canuck was not the funnest to fill and sand either. For the most part, it’s ready to move on. The tail section was installed today and it will need some sanding and filling. The wings were installed as well today and they look pretty good. I will get some primer on tonight to see what’s in store for me.
The intakes on the Kfir were installed yesterday and they didn’t have the greatest fit. I sanded and filled them last night and shot some primer on. I added a little more filler today so hopefully I can move on. I went ahead and attached the wings and filled the gaps at the wing roots. There are only minor issues to complete on the Kfir before I can start working on painting it.




18 thoughts on “Slowly Advancing

  1. Thanks for the recent like on my site. And wonderful work, here (both your site in general and the hours and hours of craftsmanship). What to do you with these models when they’re completed? You could practically fill a small museum with your output.


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