The First Snag

My theories were correct about the Frogfoot needing lots of work on the seams. The fuselage and the intakes are a nightmare of a project. Ninety percent of the seams have been filled and sanding will begin tonight. Unfortunately, the filling won’t be over after the seams. I dry fitted the wings and they will need some surgery to fit well. It looks like I will have a nice project build on my hands.
If the Frogfoot and my research woes weren’t bad enough, the Canuck’s seams are subpar as well. They aren’t nearly as bad as the Frogfoot, but I will be extra busy with the sand paper between the two kits.
The highlight of the workbench is the Kfir. I sanded and primed the fuselage to reveal minor seams to fix. I added some filler and I will take care of it later tonight. If I can move past the seams tonight, I will attach the wings and get them primed. I foresee the Kfir taking precedence while I perform the grunt work on the Frogfoot and Canuck.




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