New Builds Revealed

With the Saetta finished, I am currently finishing up the two Bf-109’s and the IL-2. All the decals and weathering have been completed and I am beginning to wrap up final assembly. The canopies are the last pieces to go on all three kits. I was able to get the windscreens attached on the Bf-109’s today. I want to let the glue set up before I attach the rest of the pieces. I will finish them off tomorrow and work on getting the IL-2 canopy installed. I have a miniscule amount of work to address in the cockpit before I can get that step done. The trio is for the most part considered finished.
So while the canopies hold me up, I will reveal the next three builds. All of them were picked to continue my goal of diversity within the workbench. So first up is Hobby Crafts 1/72 CF-100 Canuck. This airplane will be in Canadian markings, of course. The kit doesn’t look bad at all. There are a few lack of detail issues but I can make do. I am excited to get this one going. So far, various parts have been clipped from the sprues and are awaiting one of my work-boards to hang out on.
Next is also from Hobby Craft. This one will be their 1/72 Su-25 Frogfoot. This kit also looks pretty good. It has the same detail issue as the Canuck but not to worry. A plus is the included ordinance. By that, I mean lots of it. So needless to say, I am going to put as much as I can on it. As with the Canuck, it awaits a work-board as well.
Finally, I will be building Hasegawa’s 1/72 Kfir C2. The Israeli camouflage scheme has always been a favorite of mine so when I saw this kit a few months back, I had to pick it up. The kit is not your typical Hasegawa model. I was quite shocked to see more than enough flashing on the fuselage and ordinance. Not what I was expecting, but not a tough task to remedy. Aside from that, I think this will be a great build. I still have a Skunk Models Israeli Weapons set from when I built my F-16I that I might add to it. I still need to do some research on the Kfir to see what it normally carries before I get too far. My progress on the Kfir is the same as the other two. When the Bf-109’s and the IL-2 are completed, I can free up the work-boards and start to pick up some steam.




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