Sailing Through

The workbench has been a production line lately and it feels great! My lazy approach has been abolished this month and I am currently at four builds completed, four builds in process, and three builds started. A new set commenced last night while the Bf-109’s , Saetta, and IL-2 were drying. So that’s seven different kits the progressed yesterday. Times are good in the model airplane world.
Painting has been the focal point of the past few days. The Saetta has surpassed the other three and taken the lead. Both the upper and lower base colors have been applied all that is left is the two color mottling. I would expect a weekend finish but given that the NHL All Star Game is this weekend, I may be distracted.
The two Bf-109’s and the IL-2 have their respective bellies painted and are ready to mask off for the uppers to receive some color. I will do the masking tonight and hopefully get them painted tomorrow. It won’t be too much longer after that before I finish the trio.



2 thoughts on “Sailing Through

  1. I just bought my first airplane kit (okay, that’s not exactly true–I bought a show special kit a couple of years ago, but I gave it away before I even opened it). I bought an Airfix Canadair Sabre F.4–I don’t know when I will build it, but I am taking some time off soon to relax.
    Any advice on the kit.
    I got inspired by looking at the ads in the movie theatre that show the changing airplanes. I wanted to do something from the Korean War, but settled on this after war version–I wanted a taste first, before I spend money on more expensive kits.

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    • That’s a smart strategy. Learn your way through as cheap as possible. While I am not familiar with the kit, I will say the Sabre is a great choice. It’s a fantastic airplane. My suggestions are take your time. If you are doing a bare metal (silver) paint scheme, remember that all imperfections will be magnified. So wherever you sand, make sure you go over it real well with different grits to make it smooth. The best advice that I can give is to just have fun with it.

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