F-82G Twin Mustang

So I will be eating my words about Monogram. This was a great build. From start to finish, it was a smooth process. Aside from the usual gaps to fill, I had zero issues.
The all black paint was easy and straight forward. It takes away a lot of the detail but it looks great. Future Floor Polish is responsible for the shine. The decals were a little tricky around the vertical stabilizers. I did a little trimming after they dried and then touched up where the black showed through.
I opted to add my own nose art for this kit. I named it the “Elsa II” after my wife. For those of you that have been following me since the beginning, you might remember that the first “Elsa” was a B-17G. The main reason behind the naming is that my wife is a twin. So the Twin Mustang was the perfect platform to create the “Elsa II”.
Again, Monogram did great on this kit. I am very happy with how it turned out. I most definitely will pick up one or two more of these for the future.






12 thoughts on “F-82G Twin Mustang

    • She definitely doesn’t hate it. We have a 7 year old daughter that is in the Frozen phase. It’s amazing how many people are in shock that her name IS Elsa. And no, her sister isn’t named Elsa. I previously named a plane Elsa and made the next one Elsa II.

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