Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Wow! It’s really starting to get chilly here in Chicago. I started my vacation today and my kids had school called off due to the weather. I am off until the 27th so I have almost three weeks to get some quality build time.

This morning was certainly not wasted with about two hours spent on the Mustangs. Last night was spent attaching all the wings to their respective fuselages. There were a few random gaps that I filled before I stopped for the night. Today, I sanded the wing roots and primed all three kits. They look pretty decent with just minor touching up to do. I will install the horizontal stabilizers this afternoon and add some more filler to the problem areas. These three will soon be ready to paint.

Some more good news arrived in the mail yesterday. My airbrush parts came and I happily put my newly cleaned airbrush back together. I’m not sure if I can leave my roaring fire in my fireplace and brave the cold garage to paint the Tornado today. Anything is possible.





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