Better Late Than Never

This post is way late but the truth is that I didn’t actually receive my great Christmas gifts until after Christmas. The thing is that my awesome family knows that I am THE worst person to shop for so to solve that, I get cash to pick out my own gift. As luck would have it, Squadron was having an end of the year blowout for me to take advantage of. I ordered a 1/72 HobbyBoss Rafale M, 1/72 PM Models Me-328 V1/V2, 1/72 Trumpeter Harbin H-5, and a 1/72 Academy IL-2 Stormovik from Squadron. The 1/72 Valom XFV-1 came from Sprue Brothers. I think I did well. All five kits were only about $75.00.
A few of these will be built soon. Coming off the Typhoon build, I wanted to give the Rafale a try. Also the Me-328 will more than likely be a double build. I have another one so I can build both the V1 and V2. The Stormovik has been a mainstay at the top of my wish list for quite some time now. I am glad to check it off and get it built soon.
I am greatly looking forward to my builds in 2015. My plan is to be as diverse as possible. I am always going to be loyal to the USA, but I want to build more from what other countries have to offer. I might throw in a few country themed builds. I am also pondering an experimental/prototype theme. There are lots of options to choose from in this great hobby! As always, I encourage your input so let’s here what you would like to see so I can fit it in somewhere.





7 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never

    • Ahhhhh PM Models. All I can say is you get what you pay for. I built the Lippisch kit from them and boy did I have a difficult time. I had to stop the whole build because I lost the canopy. I put an order into Squadron for two more kits and luckily I ordered two because I broke one of the canopies in half. Lots of custom fitting as well. I will be on guard for sure.


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