Plunging In

So the count is back to zero with the Tornado being the first model to be completed in 2015. I am happy to report that it is all ready for final paint. It has actually been ready since Monday night. The reason why it remains dormant is because my airbrush is out of service. I broke it down to give it a good cleaning after the Typhoon was completed. In doing so, I bent the needle. In my defense, the needle was stuck and the only way to (savagely) remove it was with a pair of channel locks. Not my best five minutes of work. So I naively thought that it would be an easy fix. I went to Hobby Lobby hoping to find a replacement. Nope. I thought for sure my local Hobbytown USA would have it. Nope. To make a sad story short, I had to order it from Tower Hobbies. As soon as it comes in, the Tornado will finally get painted. I really don’t think I could have fit it in by the end of the year even with perfect conditions.

In the meantime, I have already started working on the next three builds. Since going to the National Museum of the Air Force, the F-82 has been calling my name. I am never to keen on a Monogram kit, but this one looks pretty good. The detail surprised me a little. It comes with the option, which I am choosing to take, to open up the machine gun panel and reveal the six .50 calibers. I added a set of AML photo etched seatbelts along with True Details resin wheels to give it a little more detail. I have literally flown through this build so far. The cockpits are finished and the fuselage halves are together. I will sand both fuselages tonight and get some primer on soon.

To add to the F-82 build, I wanted to kind of go with an overall theme. What better plane(s) to compliment the F-82 than the P-51? That idea was not welcomed at first in my mind until I got the idea of giving a twist to it. With some research, I think I came up with two interesting builds

The second build is Academy’s 1/72 F-51D. I will make this into a P-51D and give it British markings from LPS Hobby. So far so good with this one. The cockpit and fuselage halves are together and it now awaits sanding.

The third kit is Academy’s 1/72 P-51C. For this Mustang, I will be using a set of LF Models decals to build a German captured P-51. I am super excited to see this one finished. The build has been typical Academy. It is on par with its counterparts and I will have a sanding party tonight. The way these three are going, I might have them ready to paint with the Tornado.




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