F-15E Eagle

Originally, the F-15 was slated to be the fiftieth build for 2014. Due to some extreme laziness on my part and a little extra paint on the Typhoon, it is number forty nine this year. What can I say that I haven’t already said about Academy? I am thoroughly happy with this kit. From the detail to the weapons options, it is a great kit. I did have some rough patches with the conformal fuel tanks but nothing to get too upset about. There was also the “C” & “E” mix up which thankfully didn’t stop the build.
For the decals, I used a set of Print Scale “9-11” decals in unison with the stock set. The decals were special to me. Like many Americans, I remember where I was when this happened and I truly will never forget watching the tragedies on TV. The impact that September 11th had on us was huge. So to add some decals like these was important to me.
I’m thrilled with the result. It looks like a pretty scary Eagle in search for some redemption. This build certainly was one of the longest of the year. I didn’t expect to take as long as I did. It made it before the end of the year and I am happy with that. Now it’s all about finishing the Typhoon.






20 thoughts on “F-15E Eagle

  1. SJ on the tail — Seymour Johnson A.F.B. Nice job, but you just KNOW I’m going to say I would have preferred LN (RAF Lakenheath) on the tail. Any chance you’ll be doing a Lakenheath F-111F in the future?

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      • The one I’m talking about were the USAF F-111E versions stationed at RAF Lakenheath with the 48th Tactical Fighter Wing from 1977 until December 1991. The following year the 48th Fighter Wing (by then they dropped the word “Tactical”) replaced the F-111F with the F-15C and F-15E. I was a controller at Lakenheath when the 48th transitioned from the F-4D to the F-111F in 1977. RAF Upper Heyford had USAF F-111E aircraft stationed there with the 20th TFW at the same time I was at Lakenheath.

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