Successful Afternoon

Today has been a success in my book. It feels good to finally move forward and get to the airbrush. I was dragging my feet because of some extra work on the F-15. I noticed a few missed seams and in my Christmas stupor, I forgot to put a few ordinance stores on. Mistakes corrected and now the F-15 is sporting its new skin. I sprayed it with none other than F-15 Gray. I will let it dry tonight and hopefully get the decals applied tomorrow.
The Typhoon has been painted as well. I will let it dry tonight and mask the nose off to paint tomorrow. It’s now looking like this one will be number fifty.
The poor Tornado still lags behind. I did manage to mask the cockpit off and get some primer on. Unfortunately it revealed lots of upcoming work. Many areas to address that will get some undivided attention tonight. I make a big deal about this one but I don’t think it will be as bad as I think. It’ll get there eventually. There is still time to get it in by the years end.




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