Down to the Wire

I’m not one for the dramatics of life and yet I put myself into quite a time pinch. There are ten days left until 2015 is upon us and there are two remaining builds to accomplish to achieve my 50 goal. I still think I can get them finished in time with a little hustle.
So the Typhoon is in it’s painting stages. The belly has been painted and masked. It is now awaiting the top coat. I’m not too concerned about this one getting finished in time. All the construction has been completed along with the little bits and pieces for final assembly. I will need to do some extra detailing to the fuel probe bay but that shouldn’t take too long. Number forty-nine should be completed in time.
The F-15 is ready for paint. I finished filling and sanding the conformal fuel tanks and I received the green light to move on. As with the Typhoon, as soon as it’s painted, the F-15 is ready to weather and assemble. I think I can have this done before Christmas. At least I hope I can. I’ll get it painted tonight and be in good shape. Number fifty looks like it will make it.
Unfortunately, I don’t think the Tornado will be number 51. More than likely it will be the first completed build of 2015. I finished the vertical stabilizer and it is awaiting the rest of the plane to catch up. All major construction is finished and all that is left is basic filling and sanding. It’s a long shot to be done by the 30th, but it is still possible. I will do a little work on it tonight and hopefully get it closer to completion.





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