Chipping Away

I was hoping to be completed with at least one build this week but it’s looking like the first one will be done this weekend or beyond. I’m taking a leisurely approach and I kind of like it. There is plenty to keep me busy and I do feel accomplished and not “behind” like I usually do.
The Typhoon still leads the way with just a little filling work left on the wing roots. I will address that tonight and move to paint prep. I have never been a real big Typhoon advocate but I am liking how this one is looking.
The F-15 is coming along. The majority of construction has been finished. There are a few minor areas that require some additional attention. I am currently fixing many gaps on the side mounted external fuel tanks. I like the addition of theses as it makes it look beefier. The filling of many gaps isn’t as bad as it sounds. I should have the filling and sanding done this afternoon. After that, it’s ready to paint.
The Tornado has made some encouraging strides. The fuselage is all put together and awaiting some filler at the seam on the belly. I would think that this one should go a little faster now with all the hardest work out of the way. I was able to get the vertical stabilizer painted a few days ago. i plan on leaving it off until final assembly. It has a glossy finish to it and it will be easier to apply with it off the plane. So with all that, I am hoping for a before Christmas finish on this airplane. i think it’s a realistic goal to shoot for. It’s all little work from here.




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