Zero Motivation

I was really hopeful that all three builds would be quite far mid-week. Unfortunately, I was wrong. In my defense, I have been searching for a used car for my work commute. Needless to say I am a little burnt out. I did find a car and this morning was diligently spent at the workbench. I prepared intakes and landing gear bays. All parts have been painted and I will get a second coat on a few tonight. It hasn’t been the greatest start but I am happy with the progress made today.


10 thoughts on “Zero Motivation

  1. I know how hard it is to get motivated to do a build. I have had a Tamiya F1 car sitting on top of my display cabinet for three years now. I just opened up the box this past weekend. So far, i have some of the main body parts painted. Funny it may be, but what motivated me to start this build, was the fact that it comes with Fujifilm decals as one of the sponsors, lol. I will do a post on it when i get a bit further along.

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