Junkers Ju-88 A-4

With Thanksgiving behind me, I have put an end to the Ju-88 build. I actually took it to my parents house on Thanksgiving Day to weather it. Now it’s finished and up on the shelf.
Revell didn’t impress me with this build. They kind of proved that they are still a mediocre company in my opinion. It was’t a terrible build by any means. It just lacked in areas and ill performed in others. That’s not to say that you can’t succeed at it though. I am quite content with the end result.
The sanding project in the beginning wasn’t welcomed but I managed to get through it. There are some visible seams on the belly that I missed but I’m ok with that. The overall build was good. After all the filling and sanding, the rest had a decent flow when I actually worked on it. I dragged my feet more than I would have liked for this build. I should have been done a lot sooner. It’s finished and that is all that matters. It’s number forty-eight in the yearly count. This upcoming week will be focused completely on achieving my goal of fifty.






7 thoughts on “Junkers Ju-88 A-4

    • Thank you. Revell is above Airfix in my book but I don’t want to absolutely shun them both. I have had good kits from Revell in the past and it keeps me on my toes when I do build one. I guess that makes it a good thing.


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