OV-1B Mohawk

The workbench hasn’t been busy lately and I am slowly getting it going again. I sat down yesterday to get the Mohawk completed and up on the shelf. Final assembly went as I hoped for. The biggest triumph was that I added enough weight to keep it from sitting on its tail. I ditched the provided decals and went with a set from Isra Decals. They went on pretty good with zero issues. There is a little silvering here and there but not too much.
The weathering came out better than I thought it would. I wasn’t sure if the dark green paint scheme would be too dark for the weathering to show up. I was pleasantly surprised. The SLAR pod was painted olive drab to add a little contrast to the dark green. I think it breaks it up just enough.
The beginning of this build wasn’t so much fun with all the filling and sanding. After that was taken care of, it wasn’t so bad. The canopy could have been made better. It was a goofy fit that required too much effort and babysitting as it dried. That was my only other complaint. The rest was pretty painless. I am happy with the end result.






12 thoughts on “OV-1B Mohawk

  1. Have you come across, “The Weathering Magazine”? It’s primarily military modelling orientated but does features on other types of modelling. Each magazine focuses on a particular topic, past issues have been; Mud, Dust, Snow, Rust, Oil and Scratches and Chipping. All the usual suspects.
    On another note, how is the house-hunting going? We’re still looking and I’m despairing about finding something the Wife likes. Fed up with this tiny flat, I want my Man-cave!

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