Bummed Out

The three builds are in their various stages of paint and I hit a major roadblock. The Bearcat was on its way to completion after a coat of insignia yellow and Future. Was, being the keyword in that sentence. The time came to sit down and apply the decals and what a flop they were. I was using an aftermarket set from Print Scale that would not transfer without wrapping themselves in a tiny ball. Crash and burn. Of course I had to pick a color scheme that there is only one of. So now I will hit the airbrush again and re-paint the aircraft in sea blue. Thankfully it’s an easy fix. Frustrating, but simpler than a missed seam or lost part.
The Ju-88 is a much better situation. The underside of the wing tips have been painted with RLM04 and the rest of the belly with RLM76. I have masked it all off for the base color on the upper surfaces. Not too much longer until this one is completed.
The Mohawk went from second to first. The paint is complete and it awaits decals. I will get that moving and hopefully be finished in the next couple of days.




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