Easy Does It

There has been a lethargic approach to this set of builds that I can’t seem to break out of. I’ll ride it out and see where it takes me. With two months left to get five builds finished, I can afford to relax a bit. The poll is looking good with some surprising picks. If you haven’t voted, get your picks in soon.
So now it’s time to report my progress. I really haven’t done a whole lot. I took two days away from my workbench to get away with my wife to Holland, MI. It was a much needed mini vacation. I even found a rare hobby shop in the area. I picked up Revell’s 1/72 Dornier Do 17 Z-2. There wasn’t too much else in my scale so I just got that and a few bottles of paint.
My other two days off were focused on the Bearcat. It was going together with a great flow so I kept with it. The overall construction of the plane is unorthodox. The wing goes through the fuselage instead of into it. The same goes for the horizontal stabilizers. This method leaves unsightly gaps to fill. The wing roots were filled all the way around the wing to close it all up. There was an opening for an external fuel tank that was filled in as well. The ordinance stores were removed and sanded along with the machine guns. I’ll give it a good sanding and prime it. Surely I will have to go another round or two. For the most part, this one is almost ready to paint.
The Ju-88 is becoming “that kit”. The problems are arising in small areas like the engine nacelles. They didn’t want to fit correctly so I did the best I could. I am hopeful that it won’t be too bad to correct. I might try to get started tonight to get them out of the way. I haven’t delved too much further into the kit yet. I kind of want to take one issue on at a time.
The Mohawk is moving along decently. I hope I added enough weight to the nose. My fingers are crossed. There are weights in the nose, behind the cockpit, and in the front of the SLAR pod. The basics are finished and I just need the time to sand the seams down so I can move forward. There will be a few small gaps to fill but so far so good. I am excited to get farther into this one.




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