The failed game changer of WWII. Well, not a failure but thankfully it was used in an unsuitable capacity at the right time in the war. It had to be a scary sight to see one of these streaking past you for the first time.
This build has been looming for a long time and I enjoyed every bit of it. I even crammed enough nose weights to avoid the tail sit.
Again, this was a great build throughout. Hasegawa did a great job with the details and fit. The flow created itself and continued to the end. I ran into some old paint that gave me a headache, but survive it did. I need to go through my paints and clean house. Aside from that minor obstacle, everything went well. I have a night fighter version from Hasegawa that might need to be built to go next to this one.






17 thoughts on “Me-262A

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  2. In 1944 they had the first cruise missiles (V1), the first intercontinental ballistic missiles (V2) the best tank in the world and the first jet fighter. How close to losing WW2 were we?


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