Fantastic Flow

Construction has almost been on cruise control this time around. It’s amazing how you can go from frustration on one build to splendor on another. My current three builds are splendid, indeed! I am continuing to meet all my daily goals and then some.
I was able to sand all the seams on all three kits last night. It looks like I will be able to skip the filler. Today saw the wings and horizontal stabilizers affixed to the fuselages. All three needed some filler at the wing roots but nothing serious. With that completed, I will let the filler set up and get the cockpits masked off so I can prime all three tomorrow. If all looks good, I will begin painting them hopefully on Thursday.


8 thoughts on “Fantastic Flow

  1. This is fantastic blog… I used to build airplanes wen I was 12 and still remember the flow of joy and excitement of every finished piece of airplane, especially the classic ones from WWII series 🙂 Cheers from Ireland


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