Moving Over to the Slow Lane

The pace has been slow and steady for the current trio of builds. I think I have given myself some leeway for the challenge and I am going to seize the moment to slow down a bit. Even with the decrease in production, the results are still forthcoming.
All three kits are basically in the same stage. The cockpits are finished and installed along with the fuselage halves and wings being completed. They all have a date with various sanding sticks and filler today.
All three have started off well. The only minor issue was with the Me-262. The engine nacelles needed a little shaping to fit into the wing slots. A little sanding and they had a decent fit. The Focke Wulf and the Hurricane have been flawless so far. Even the dry fit of the wings looks good. We’re in good shape on these three.




10 thoughts on “Moving Over to the Slow Lane

  1. Nice. You’ve maintained a fast pace. Maybe a slight slowdown is a good idea. Lots of choices for schemes with the Hurricane and Focke-Wulf. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with them.


  2. I’m looking forward to seeing the Hurricane completed. I built one as a teenager but in balsa, paper and dope and with an elastic band and plastic prop. It hung from my bedroom ceiling alongside the Brigitte Bardot poster 🙂


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