PV-1 Ventura

Last weekend was one of the most productive weekends that I have had in a while. Three kits finished and three more started. I’d say I am in a good groove. The last of the three to be completed is the Ventura. It was nice to get a bigger WWII airplane built and up on the shelf.
Like the MiG-25, the Ventura lacked in the detail department. An open bomb bay would have been nice to work with. The construction was pretty decent except for the engine nacelles. They frustrated me on several occasions. The rest was pretty standard building. I somehow managed to get overspray on the inside of the fuselage windows. I must not have done a great job of masking the openings off.
The Pacific scheme won out for this Ventura. I played with the thought of a British version but decided not to forego it. Maybe next time. For the decals, I went with a set from Starfighter Decals. Like with the Buffalo, they applied just as well. Overall, this was a good build. I learned a few ideas that I want to try the next time I attempt this kit.




17 thoughts on “PV-1 Ventura

  1. I thought I was up on my WWII aircraft, but I had to research this Lockheed Ventura. But, then, my expertise runs more toward Army Air Corps aircraft over U.S. Navy from that era. Neat plane.


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