Every Little Bit Counts

Last night was not as productive as I would have liked it to be. I did however take important steps to ensure a sooner finish. I am hoping this weekend will see all three builds finished. High hopes, I know.
There realistically isn’t a whole lot left to do with the Ventura. I have all the little pieces, such as landing gear and machine guns, painted and ready for installation. With all that wrapped up, I proceeded onto the first of three colors to the paint job. I sprayed the underside flat white last night. I will mask the aircraft off tonight and try to get the second color on.
The Buffalo also is generally ready to go. The wing roots were sanded and primed last night. A decision on a paint scheme is a must tonight. I will hopefully get some paint on this plane tonight or tomorrow.
The MiG needs some slight tinkering with and it will also be ready for paint. Last night, I sprayed the nose cone and leading edges of the vertical stabilizers gunship grey. I also started painting the ordinance. Other than some minor sanding and scribing some panel lines, this MiG is good to go.




8 thoughts on “Every Little Bit Counts

  1. Looks awesome. I’m excited to see what color scheme you picked for the Buffalo. That plane got around and flew for many countries. I think I’m most interested to see how you so the weathering on the Mig-25. The thought of that plane gave me chills until after Viktor Belenko defected, and we learned its true capabilities.


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