Firing On All Cylinders

Another great night of building saw all three kits advance closer to completion. I worked on the trio and made little strides that offered vast progress. The MiG was the biggest success. The seams sanded well and it did not stop there. After I sanded them, I figured why not put the wings on? So I went ahead and attached them. There was a little shaping required for a good fit. After they were done, I figured why not build up the air intakes? So I went ahead and built and attached them. To make a long story short, all the little projects added up to the MiG being very close to being ready for paint. It is primed and looks pretty good. There are a few areas that can improve, but for the most part I have the green light to wrap up construction and move to painting this beast.
The Buffalo saw minor production with its wings getting affixed. There were slight gaps at the wing roots that I filled last night. I will get those sanded today and be ready for paint soon. I guess it is time to make a decision on what scheme to do.
The Ventura continues to move along. The tail section was addressed last night and the wind screen was installed. There is one more clear part to install in the rear of the belly and I will prep this one for paint.




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