What a Difference a Day Makes

To those of you out there who do not regularly keep up with the happenings at Amateur Airplanes, I am in the heart of a challenge with myself. That challenge is to double my productivity from 2013. The goal is fifty builds in 2014. I am very pleased to continually be on pace. With the conclusion of the F-14, my total built this year is thirty-nine. As of now, I am building at a pace of about 4.33 kits per month. At the birth of the challenge, I was producing exactly four builds per month. The 1/3 increase in production is quite encouraging. If I can keep pace, I will end the year with fifty-two builds. The current trio of builds are moving along quite well and if I can finish them in the next week, I think I can increase my average. Maybe I will go for fifty-five or sixty? In the mean time, all the focus is on moving forward rotating from kit to kit. Ninety-three days to finish eleven more builds.
So with my goal in mind, I am chipping away at each of my three current builds. The PV-1 has pulled away and is leading in production. The seams have been sanded, filled and primed. The wings were attached late last night and depending on how the seams appear, I will move on to the tail section this evening.
The Buffalo also saw it’s seams get sanded last night. I sprayed a coat of primer on and I will address any missed spots tonight. My ultimate goal for tonight is to get the wings attached. There won’t be too much left to go after that.
The MiG is being slightly neglected with the production from the other two. I wasn’t able to get the seams tackled yesterday so that is my agenda tonight. If I’m lucky, I will even get it primed.



6 thoughts on “What a Difference a Day Makes

  1. How really cool to browse your blog and see what you’re doing. It’s a very different topic and I found it interesting to see and read how the process works.



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