Two Americans and a Soviet

Now that the F-14 is out of the way, I am all clear to start the next trio. This set of builds will fulfill a nagging feeling to finally get around to building these three. They have waited their turn long enough. I guess that is what happens when you have hundreds of options at your disposal.
If you haven’t noticed, I am in a little WWII phase. This one continues the trend. I will be building Hasegawa’s 1/72 F2A-2 Buffalo. It’s a tiny plane that shouldn’t take too long to build. The detailing is so-so. I think it will turn out well though. I am still unsure of the paint scheme. I don’t necessarily want to go with the pre-war scheme. I have a set of decals for a Pacific scheme I am leaning towards. We’ll see.
Next up is also from WWII. Minicraft’s 1/72 PV-1 Ventura has been added to the workbench. This will be a nice bigger kit to complete. The inner workings of the kit are bare. You won’t be able to see inside the plane very well anyway so I am ok with that. The rest of the kit is pretty basic. No bells and whistles to this one.
Last but not least is Hasegawa’s 1/72 MiG-25 Foxbat. I am excited to build this kit. I have been wanting to build one for a while now. I am still searching for some after market decals to add to it. The kit itself is typical of Hasegawa. Not a whole lot of detail, but still a quality kit.




19 thoughts on “Two Americans and a Soviet

  1. You mention having hundreds of choices. That is indeed true. I know when I first started this hobby (and sadly it continues until now) that I put off building some kits because I was hoping to have better skills when I tackled them. I put off building them, hoping my confidence would grow. I bought other kits and now have a mountain of them to tackle. I have come to realize that this was a bad plan. Hopefully, it isn’t too late.


  2. Definitely some fun choices there. I’m particularly a Buffalo fan, although an F2A-2 variant rules out the Finnish or US Marines at Midway possibilities.
    If it includes the hookless tailcone and pneumatic tail wheel it could be an RAF or Dutch plane that saw combat in Singapore, Malasia or Java.
    Maybe it’s no big thing, or the Kit offers -1 or -3 options? It will be fun to see however you handle it.


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