F-14D Super Tomcat, “Vandy 1”

This was one beleaguered F-14. The issues were not the biggest I have ever had. They were just annoying. The canopy, thankfully, was saved by Future floor polish. One coat of that and it took all the fogging away, leaving a shiny canopy. The newest issue was the gloss. I am not sure the problem here, but some parts turned out with different sheens to them. I used the same gloss as I did before I applied the decals. In comes the Future again. This stuff saved this build twice. I put it through the airbrush and made the surfaces uniform.
Final assembly went pretty quick and painlessly. The parts had a great fit to them making for a good build. The errors of the build were of my own creation so I won’t blame the kit. Overall, this was a nice kit. The detail alone earns it a gold star. I certainly learned a few lessons this time. I played with fire and got burnt. No more rattle can paint jobs for me. In the time I took to correct my mistakes, I could have airbrushed it and been done a lot sooner with a nicer paint job.




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