P-47D Thunderbolt

I have to hand it to Revell on this build. When I read the great reviews about this kit, I was very skeptical. When I bought two of them, I was very skeptical. When I opened the box to find enormous amounts of flashing, I was very skeptical. As I got into the build, the uneasy feeling went away and Revell proved that It can still put out a great kit. I have warmed up a little to try more from Revell in the future. All it takes is one.
There isn’t much more to report on this build that I haven’t already. It went great. You can expect fine detail and a great fit with this build. I chose to go the aftermarket route for the decals. I used a set of Peddinghaus decals that were good and bad. They applied well, but they were all on one film. I am not to keen on trimming every little decal, but they served their purpose. The invasion stripes came out nicely. I opted to paint them instead of using the decal option. Decals will never perform like paint will. My ability to apply decals to curved panels is embarrassing. So I always paint when I can.
Revell certainly surprised me on this build. I was expecting a fight and I didn’t get anything close to it. The egg is on my face.





21 thoughts on “P-47D Thunderbolt

  1. Painting them on was a great way to go. When ground crews applied the stripes, they did so with little notice. Therefore, there was no time to “mask” the area and paint perfectly straight lines. Invasion stripes on D-Day aircraft were far from being neat & tidy.


  2. Was that the old Monogram P-47 molds? I love those kits and have built a couple of them. One of my oldest unbuilt kits is a Monogram P-47 I bought with my lawn mowing money in the late 60s!


  3. Excellent, most folks like the P-51 but I’ve always been a fan of the P-47. I’ll be in Mobile Alabama tomorrow and will get to spend a couple days at Battleship park, in the hanger display they have a beautiful Kingfisher recon as well as a P-51D flown by one of the original Tuskeegee Airmen..:-)


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