Lazy Day

Once again, I procrastinated and let another day pass without painting any of my three builds. I did, however get the F-14 ready to paint. I forced myself out to my airbrush to make some progress this morning. I made the unwise choice to use a rattle can on the F-14. It wasn’t completely awful, just a few runs in the paint. Airbrushing would have been so much better but I let laziness win out. Lesson learned….again. I will get the runs sanded out when they dry and give it another light coat. I did also notice a seam in the nose that needed some filler. Not a big task by any means.
The Me 110 had it’s belly painted this morning and will be ready to mask off late tonight. I will get the top painted tomorrow and move in for a weekend finish.
The P-47 also made a date with the airbrush. I sprayed the upper areas with RAF Ocean Gray this morning. The dark green will be applied tomorrow and I should wrap this one up this weekend. With all three kits drying, I will work on my next three builds.




5 thoughts on “Lazy Day

  1. The Tomcat in black looks alarming, is there a bunny in its future?

    I hadn’t realized you were doing the Bf110 with the long range tank. What a dog!


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