Making Good Time

The workbench has been a platform for stable progress lately. I have shifted from one kit to another, constantly finding a new area to attack. The F-14 has made the most progress of the three. The cockpit is installed with the nose section being put together. I have sanded the seams and need to get it primed tonight. The rear section has been built with the air intakes and vertical stabilizers being installed beforehand. I moved on to prepping the wings for installation, painting the inner surfaces with flat red. I will mask them off tomorrow and get the wings attached. The final step will be to wed the nose section to the rest of the fuselage. The dry fit looks fantastic so I would expect all to go well.
The Bf 110 is finished with construction and ready to be painted. I installed the rear portion of the canopy this morning and I will paint the rest separate. The plan is to build the canopy in the open position. The paint scheme will be relatively easy for a German scheme. It’s just a two color paint job.
The P-47 is built and the painting has been started. The nose cowl was painted with flat red and I will mask the ring off tonight. I started the invasion stripes with the wings and belly being painted flat white. I will start masking them off and get the black painted on. There are a few more pieces to finish up before I can start final paint. All is moving better than I could hope for.





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