Power Session

Last night was productive on all three builds. I was able to make substantial growth. This morning saw me spend three hours at the workbench. It was mostly spent working on the F-14. This is truly a gem of a kit. I can honestly say that I have never built such a detailed kit. Every area of the aircraft has multiple parts to be put together. I love it! Among the accomplishments from today are the cockpit, landing gear, landing gear doors, air intakes, arresting hook assembly, and exhaust cans. It was quite a checklist. I worked on one area at a time and kept pushing forward. I have to make some ejection handles because I stole the ones from this kit to use on my Intruder build. The rest of the kit will still be complicated, but I have set myself up perfectly to proceed.
The Bf-110 remains a great kit as well. The wings and vertical stabilizers were attached last night and primed this morning. There are a few small gaps to be filled. Certainly nothing huge to worry about. My goal is to start painting this one tomorrow night.
The P-47 hit a little snag when I adhered the fuselage halves. There was a good size gap right behind the cockpit. I filled it last night and added some more this morning. I will sand and prime it tonight and hopefully move on to the wing attachment. The dry fit looked good so I am hoping that will stay the same.





16 thoughts on “Power Session

  1. A great hobby. I have to confess I don’t have the time or patience anymore, but I do buy models from time to time! Hang them in my “study-library”.
    Thanks for the visit.
    Have a great week-end!


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