Three Great Kits

The Bf 110 has gone from a pile of parts to the start of an airplane. It is certainly pacing the P-47 and F-14. So far so good. Fujimi has put out another quality kit. Construction has been quick and painless with great fitting pieces. The wings and fuselage halves are together and need the usual sanding to proceed. I should be able to knock that out tonight and get the wings attached tomorrow.
The P-47 is not far behind with the cockpit being done. I am waiting for the instrument panel to dry and then I can get the fuselage halves together. I will try to tackle that tonight. Aside from the flashing, this one is turning out to be a great kit. Revell stepped it up with this one. The fit is great so far and the detail is the best I have seen from Revell. I should move pretty quick from here on out.
Hasegawa’s F-14 is a fantastic kit. The amount of detail is going to hamper my timeframe. I consider that a good thing. I am excited to get deep into this one. The cockpit parts are painted and need to be assembled. I will aim for that getting done this evening and try to get the fuselage put together tomorrow. I’m going to have to take extra time with this one to get it right. I can foresee starting more kits before this one gets completed.




8 thoughts on “Three Great Kits

  1. Love it when kits come together nicely. Some of the old Airfix ones could be a nightmare. I learned a lot about sanding and filling with some of those. I became a Hasegawa snob for a while. Glad to hear these are looking good.


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