No Time to Waste

Hitting the ground running, I can’t afford to get complacent here. Along with the F-14, I have chosen two more kits to build. These two have been on my to-do list for quite a while now. I purchased both of them with the intent of building them right away. Time passed by and other kits made their own ascent to build status. The moment has finally come to fit them in.
To satisfy my WWII German aircraft craving, I am building Fujimi’s Messerschmitt Bf 110C/D. I will be constructing the “D” version. Opening the box reveals potential for a great build. The kit consists of 96 pieces on five trees. I have most of the parts clipped from the sprues and ready for some painting.
The next kit is one of my all time favorite aircraft. Revell’s P-47D-30 Thunderbolt looks like it may present some challenges. The kit has only 53 parts on five trees. An added problem is a great deal of flashing. I spent a good amount of time trimming parts yesterday. I have read good reviews about this kit so I will remain hopeful about it. I still haven’t decided on a paint scheme. I will research that today and work on getting some painting finished.


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