Knocking Them Out

I am happy to say that the MiG has passed on to final paint. All the seams looked good after yesterdays priming. The belly has been sprayed with a coat of flat black along with the external fuel tanks. Tomorrow will be a mega airbrush session. The P-40 will finally get it’s main color and I will get the Tempest started. The MiG will get masked off in the morning and get it’s first of two top colors applied.
The F-14, I have decided, will more than likely wait until the other three are completed. I may be able to devote some time while the three are drying. I still have a rather large to-do list for the other kits. I won’t be too upset if I can’t make any progress. Getting the P-40, Tempest, and Mig-15 completed this week will be huge. That will raise my total to thirty-seven leaving just thirteen left to go.


4 thoughts on “Knocking Them Out

  1. Nice. You are on a roll. I’m curious that you used black as a basecoat on the Mig. Are you going for a darker metal look for it? Can’t wait to see how the Tempest turns out.


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