Changing Gears

With only four months to complete seventeen more builds, I need to find a higher gear. These twelve hour work days don’t leave much time for building , but no excuses. A little bit whenever I can fit it in and I should be fine.
The P-40 is ready for it’s olive drab skin to get airbrushed on. I masked the belly off two nights ago and I just need to make some airbrush time. I need to make a template for the basic outline of the nose art so I can stencil it on. I will then paint the details by hand. I might try to accomplish that task tonight.
The Tempest is in the same boat. Ready for the airbrush. I should be able to knock this one out quick. The rest is pretty simple from here.
The MiG-15 is gaining speed with the seams filled and sanded. I attached the wings and it will get a coat of primer tonight. I think I should be able to move on to final paint tomorrow. There are a few miscellaneous parts that still need to be affixed to the fuselage that I will attend to tonight. The second time around is proving to be as good as the first with this kit.
The F-14, I am sad to say, is once again dormant. At least the other three are moving along. I would feel worse if none of them were progressing. I have some off days this week that I can make some extra time to get moving on this one. It’s a pretty detailed kit that is going to be needy.



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