Quick Turnaround

After the bad luck I had building the F-11 and YA-10, my fortunes have turned favorably with this group of builds. The P-40 is sitting in pole position with the first stage of paint completed. I was able to get the belly sprayed yesterday afternoon. I will mask it off tonight for final paint. I plan on hand painting the nose art on this kit so there will be a slight setback while I do that. The ease of the build more than compensates for that.
The Tempest is in a close second. The wing roots needed minor filling and sanding. That was completed yesterday with a coat of primer on last night. I will try to get the belly painted tonight, but it doesn’t look hopeful. Again, another smooth build from Academy.
The MiG-15 saw a leap in progress yesterday as well. The cockpit was finished and installed. The fuselage halves are together and awaiting the seams to be sanded. There will be some filling to do, but nothing out of the ordinary. This kit could thaw my heart for Airfix a little.
The F-14 is in the same place as before. With the other three moving along so fluidly, I haven’t had a second to crack it open and start it. Maybe three kits is my limit. I’ll have time when the other kits are painted and drying.



4 thoughts on “Quick Turnaround

  1. I also usually find three kits at a time to be my limit, although two works best for me.

    Nice to see the P-40 and Tempest coming along quickly!


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