I Finally Manned Up!

I did it! I finally set up my airbrush and painted all three of my builds. It was an easy task that took me way too long to accomplish. With my bellyaching done, two builds are ready for decals and one needs the second of its two-color camouflage.
The Tiger and YA-10 are the two waiting for decals. The Tigers paint job was straight forward with flat gull gray. The YA-10 took a little longer to paint with the pre-shading. I airbrushed a thin layer over the entire airplane to start with. Next, I filled in the panels and built up the layers of paint on the panel lines so just enough of the black would show through. I hope to decal both planes today but it is quickly looking like I might have to wait until tomorrow to complete them. I have to leave for work in a few hours and I would hate to get into a project that I can’t finish.
The Intruder is ready for its final color. The canopy was the holdup until this morning. For some reason, Intruder and Prowler kits have two piece canopies. I wouldn’t care if it were not a clear part. The two pieces have to be joined together causing a seam. I am not a huge fan of sanding clear parts, but that is what had to be done. First, I glued the halves together. After they dried, I glued a piece of flat sprue on the underside of the canopy to add some strength. I then sanded the seam and filled some low spots. I finished sanding last night and sprayed it with flat black this morning. I will put the final color on tomorrow and it shouldn’t be long after that.




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