Camping Trip

The final painting on the trio of builds will have to wait a couple more days. We decided to load up and take a camping trip to Albion, IN before the school year starts. I am honestly not the worlds most influential advocate on camping. I actually don’t care for it that much. My wife and kids, however, love it. Luckily, my in-laws just purchased a trailer and it’s not so bad in here. The goal for the F-11, A-6, and YA-10 is to get them painted Monday.
With no progress to be made on the three while I am here, I brought along two new builds that I started a few nights ago. The first is Academy’s 1/72 P-40E Warhawk. The second is Academy’s 1/72 Tempest V. Both kits look great in the box with great detail. I have built the P-40 previously about three years ago. The nose decals don’t work too well so I will do a little hand painting this time around.
The interior parts are all painted on both kits. I was hoping to get the cockpits together but lo and behold, I forgot my khaki paint for the seat pads. Hopefully I can find a Hobby Lobby when I go into town later. If not, I’ll have to settle for masking off canopies and sanding external fuel tanks. Either way, it feels great to be away from work and relaxing in the quiet.


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