The Storm is Passing

The A-10 and A-6 are starting to look a lot like airplanes. I have steadily been going through the rounds of filling and sanding with each plane progressing greatly.
Matchbox is wearing me out with this kit. I have never had a model require so much sanding and filling. Even my behemoth B-52G build didn’t take this much. Regardless, I am determined to see it through to the end. It’s actually getting easier the farther I get into it. The fuselage and wings are finished. The wings weren’t nearly as labor intensive as the fuselage was. I attached the engines last night and yep, filled the seams. They are minor gaps that I am not too worried about. I was also able to get the vertical stabilizers on. To my surprise, there was no filler needed. After I sand the few remaining seams, I will finally get this kit ready for paint.
The Intruder is still doing well. The wings were attached and some small gaps were filled. I sanded them late last night. I will prime them tonight and go from there. If all looks good, I will start painting this one as well.
It looks like I am going to have an airbrush party with all three builds invited. The Tiger is masked and ready to paint. I am working 6am-6pm which makes it hard to get to my airbrush. I will try to squeeze some time in tonight or tomorrow. That might be a little too ambitious because I still haven’t set up my airbrush from the move yet.




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