The Light at the End of the Tunnel

The amount of filler that I have used on these three builds is amazing. It seems like it will never end. I would say that I have gone through almost half a tube of Tamiya filler so far and there is still more to go.
The Tigers nose is finally complete. This customization was a painstaking learning process. I completely underestimated this one. I finally finished it up yesterday. Now that it is over, it’s painting time. The belly and movable surfaces were painted with flat white this afternoon. I will let it dry overnight and get it masked off and painted tomorrow.
The Intruder is moving along great. The seams have been sanded, filled, and sanded again. I shot it with a coat of primer today. If all looks good after the primer dries, I will get the wings attached tomorrow. They look pretty good when I dry fit them so I don’t expect a lot of fight.
The A-10 is doing ok. So far, every seam on this plane has required some filler. The wings are on and filler was added at the wing roots. The filling and sanding has become the norm on this kit. I touched up some spots on the nose and spine today. I will get them sanded tonight and put some primer on. My goal is to get the engines mounted tomorrow. A bonus would be to get the vertical stabilizers on too but I won’t get ahead of myself.
These three builds have been projects for sure. I most definitely would have rather not have all three kits need this much attention, but I haven’t regretted them once. I complain, but that’s my way of letting the frustration vent. Of course I say that now that I can see the end is near. Regardless, I have plenty of builds that go together without many issues. This is the hobby balancing itself out, I guess.




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