On a Roll

The workbench has been running in high gear the last twenty-four hours. All three builds have seen significant gains. I’m both relieved and elated to finally be back to normal.
The Tigers nose is 99% finished. The sanding was finalized last night and I dry fit the wind screen to be sure of a good fit. To my surprise, it fit great. I did notice a small gap that I missed during the filling process. I filled it up and I will give it a light sanding today. With all remaining construction completed, I will begin the painting process soon.
The Intruder has gone from pieces to a plane. I am thrilled with the progress that has been made. I buckled down last night and put the fuselage halves together along with all the remaining fuselage parts. There will be lots of time sanding this one. The seams have a ridge on them that need to be sanded smooth. I’m ok with that. This build is progressing and that is all that matters to me.
The A-10 is a bit farther. The fuselage halves are together and look pretty bad. No matter how much fiddling that I did, the halves would not match up throughout the entire fuselage. I bit the bullet and let it be. As you can see, the whole plane needed to be filled. There weren’t any gaps, just one side being higher than the other. I will sand and prime it today. I might try to get the wings on as well.




4 thoughts on “On a Roll

  1. That is a significant amount of filler!
    That is never my favorite sort of build, but it is often so satisfying when you finally tame the beast.


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