Yesterday was a success. I resumed all three builds getting much more accomplished than I have been lately. I wouldn’t say that I am firing on all of my usual cylinders, but progress is being made.
The Tiger is proving to be more of a challenge than I first anticipated. I sanded the nose and wing roots down, then shot a coat of primer on them. The wing roots look good. The nose will need some more attention. I will add some more filler today and take my time with it. This is why I build multiple kits simultaneously.
The A-10 saw its engine nacelles and wings get their seams sanded yesterday. There will be a few small filling and sanding sessions for some small gaps here and there. The decals were my biggest feat of the day. The stock decals are useless. The film has come completely apart from the backing and to be safe, I printed new ones. I scanned the old ones to my computer and printed them out on Testor’s clear decal paper. Had this been a normal A-10 build, I would have used one of the many sets of aftermarket decals that I have. This one being the prototype version, I had to do the extra work. I actually lucked out and didn’t have to do any sizing. The scan was true to size and printed out wonderfully.
Even the Intruder received some attention yesterday. Nothing more than painting the cockpit and landing gear pieces. I am happy with that. I will be able to start the cockpit today and really get going on this one.



2 thoughts on “Recharged

  1. Thanks for visiting and liking my post on drawing. From your blog it is clear that creating model airplanes is an important creative outlet for you — I do understand! Keep up the good work.


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