One Piece at a Time

My workbench has been close to lifeless the past two days. I am still feeling the wrath of the move with zero motivation to do anything but lay down. The little progress that I have made is acceptable given the circumstances.
The Tiger still awaits the filler to be sanded. I did try to remedy the nose but noticed that more filler was required. I added another generous layer and it hasn’t been touched since. I am hoping to rekindle the fire today and get this close to being finished.
Matchbox has surprised me. I had my doubts at first. For an older A-10 kit, it is holding it’s own. While I am not too far involved yet, I still can see that this is going pretty well. The engine nacelles are together and ready to be sanded along with the wings. I still have to do some painting before I can get the internal parts started. The goal is to complete that today.
There is always the kit that has the least amount of work done on it and this time it is the Intruder. It is pretty much like the A-10. I need to paint some parts before I can proceed. The wings are together and need a little bit of sanding. I will get the parts sprayed today and get the nose weights in. I don’t see much more happening from there. I might mess with the canopy, but who knows. As long as I work a little, I am happy with that.



8 thoughts on “One Piece at a Time

      • I am not worried.

        I know someday I will also find the time to repair my broken hobby.

        Priorities first since I am a grandfather for the third time.

        Holding my little grandfather is more important right now.

        I will keep reading your blog.


  1. i love your work. it brought back memories of when i would sit and build a model…not as good as yours of course but the time was well spent 🙂


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