The Tiger and More

With the Blackbird out of the way, I can focus on getting the Tiger done. The nose went on last night, followed by a generous application of filler. There will be plenty of sanding and shaping the nose section from here. I was also able to get the wings attached last night as well. There were some minor gaps at the wing roots that I filled. Once I finish the nose, this one should go quickly.
I also chose, and started, my next two builds last night. The first one is Matchbox’s A-10A. This is an old kit so I will have a little more patience with it. I expect some issues to arise. The first issue already has surfaced before starting. The decals are unusable, leaving me to scan and print a new set. Everything else looks ok so far.
The second kit is Hasegawa’s A-6E Intruder. It looks good in the box. The cockpit could use a lot more detail. I will do a makeover on it and all will be well. The canopy is a bit of a disappointment. It comes in two pieces for some reason. I will have to glue the pieces together and carefully sand the seam without ruining the rest of the canopy. There are some challenges with this kit, but the rest should go well.




14 thoughts on “The Tiger and More

    • I used to be that way until I started learning how to fix the imperfections. I guess the only reason that I do it is that I am able to. Plus, with the amount of time and money that I put into this hobby, I want my kits to be as good as I can get them. It’s really all part of learning when it comes down to it.


  1. While I like the Intruder, the A-10 is my absolute favorite. I got to watch them work over Iraqi forces during the first gulf war, when that 30mm chain gun goes off the hairs on the back of your neck will stand up.. 🙂


  2. I am interested to know what filler you use? I recently got back into model making after a long period of being away for family reasons mainly, and am also one of those who have tried fillers and correcting imperfections with little real success. I am also considering a spray gun, as I find brushing gives a very poor finish, but again theres a bewildering range of choices. Any suggestions? The A10, a beast of an aircraft, is also one of my favourites and am looking forward to seeing how it comes along.


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