SR-71A Blackbird

There has been much relief in my life the past few days. The whirlwind of moving and then unpacking is enough to take a time-out and detox for a few weeks. With that not being possible, I must keep moving forward.
The SR-71 has been teetering on completion for far too long. The kit itself was simple without the loss of quality. There are plenty of details with room to add your own touches. Seat belts and the extra detailing to the exhaust cans was all that I added. Construction had a great fluidity to it. From start to finish, time was my only enemy. A week should have been more than enough time to finish. I should have been done a lot sooner, but that is okay. It got done and that is what matters.
Weathering went a little different this time around. A black skin doesn’t provide a good palette for black pastel to show up on. In this case, I used dark gray pastels to go over the panel lines. It gives it a subtle change to break up the all black. I can finally put this one up on the shelf.






23 thoughts on “SR-71A Blackbird

  1. Beautiful build of a beautiful airplane. It really looks good from every angle.

    I saw the only remaining SR-71B fly in August of ’97 after it made an emergency landing at Milwaukee Mitchell. It’s awesome to see in the air too!


  2. Yeah I love the Ascender, definitely a major missing link in 1/48th scale!
    I really enjoyed watching their restoration of the SBD over several years. 1/1 scale modeling. And now they have an FM-2.


  3. You have made a fabulous job of that it’s a great looking aircraft and you have done it great justice – we have one at here at the museum in Duxford, an awesome bit of kit to say the least!


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